Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenidos! ...Or whatever!

Welcome to the official blog for the Smith Public Library Teen Book Club! Here you'll find all the info and food-for-thought you'll need to participate in the club, whether you attend the meeting or not.

Here's what you do:

  1. READ DA BOOK. Find out about the next meeting's book here on the blog or SPL's website's teen page (OR you could just call the library and ASK which book.  If that's your thing.).  Check out a copy and get to reading!  
  2. READ DA BLOG [QUESTIONS].  We'll have posts with talking points to think about and discuss at the meeting or here in the comment section.  
  3. GO TO DA MEETING. We'll meet on the first Thursday of month at 6-7pm in the multipurpose room at the library.  This month's meeting is TONIGHT, October 4th.
  4. READ DA BLOG... AGAIN [SEE WHAT YOU MISSED].  Even if you can't come to the meeting, you can weigh in online.  There'll be posts covering topics/friendly arguments (*cough*) from the last meeting so you can sound off with your opinions even if you miss a meeting.  
Lather, rinse, repeat for the next meeting.

BY THE WAY, if you don't finish reading the book before the meeting, no worries - you can still come to the meeting.  This is a book club for YOU, and we want to hear YOUR opinions!

That's it!  We'll see you around - at the library OR here on the blog.

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