Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tongue-Tied? Pronunciation Guide!

Fantasy-genre books are great; in a different (made-up) world, there are different rules, giving you a sense that anything is possible.  The downside: the geography is different, the language is probably different, so the names of people-places-things can make for some REALLY HARD pronunciation guesswork. 

Throne of Glass definitely is no exception.  Seriously, who's going to guess correctly how to say "Eyllwe"? Seriously?

Lucky for us, Throne of Glass author Sarah J. Maas has provided a super-helpful pronunciation guide for the tricky bits!  Check it out here on the blog just in time for tomorrow's club meeting, or head to the author's website ( and look for the guide under the "Extras" tab.

The pronunciations are... enlightening(?)... though a few of them aren't what I had in my head while reading about something for the ENTIRE book.  Did this happen to you? And if it did, which words, and what was your pronunciation?  Don't worry - since these are all made-up words, there isn't really a wrong way to pronounce them!

And don't forget to come talk about it in person at tomorrow's meeting - Thursday, December 5th, 6-7pm at the library!

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