Monday, March 11, 2013

Lauren Oliver Event TODAY!!!

Ah dang kids, Lauren Oliver will be at the library in, like, an hour!  If you're not already at the library, what are you waiting for? Get over here - this is going to be awesome!  How often do you meet a New York Times bestselling author?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

So get to the library post haste! - people are already lining up.  Get yourself a numbered wristband to secure your place in line for the book signing/photo op; the wristband doesn't secure you a seat for the talk, though - another reason to get here soon - and, if you don't already have one of Ms. Oliver's books, buy one from Barnes and Noble's table in our lobby.  And get excited - the event starts at 3:30pm TODAY in our multipurpose room!
Check out this fake propaganda-style poster we made for the event - Lauren Oliver
herself re-blogged it from our teen tumblr!!!

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