Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November After-Meeting Mint: Ballgown [Not] Required

She's good with a wrench? Seriously?
NEVER saw that coming.
Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting to discuss Cinder last Thursday - my sources say the convo was excellent!  If you couldn't make the meeting, keep reading to catch up on the club's take on Cinder:

This book is set in the future, but it's set in future China, which is unexpected but works really well - a change of scenery did us good? - and it had some cool future tech, both good and bad; Cinder's cyborg abilities (lie detection) and the "portscreen" devices are great, but the ID chips that were implanted in everyone are way creepy, seeing as the government could always know where you were and what you were doing and everything else in your life, ew.  

And speaking of technology, the whole prejudice-against-cyborgs thing was no good; the reason behind this wasn't clear either, but we all agreed that it's not surprising that prejudice could exist in the super-future as much as now.  It's pretty hard to define what it means to be "human", though.  And as cyborgs are defined in Cinder, "cyborgs" probably already exist today (nerds, rejoice! Your sci-fi dreams are coming true!), so we could face this ourselves someday.

Everyone seemed to really like this book because it so unusual - even people who don't like to read loved this book!  If teens spread the word, the book could be pretty popular  - really, it's that different from other dystopian novels.  But we mostly thought that this book would be more popular with girls than guys, even though the main character, Cinder, is a mechanic (the luuuvvv aspect of the book was a hit). 

So if you still can't get enough of Cinder  - the sequel's not out for A.  WHILE.  - then keep talking in the comments.  Tell us what you thought about the cyborg-superpowers, the ID  chips, the  cyborg hatefest and prejudice in general, whether or not cyborgs already exist (!), or just what you thought of the book in general.  Or tell us something else random - it's a free country, do what you want.

And get ready for next month's book, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (more on that later)...

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