Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reading, Reviewing, Arithmati -- jk, it's a quiz!

Listen to Bill.  Bill is wise.
In case you missed it, we're skyping with author Sarah J. Maas tonight!  She's the author of Throne of Glass, which was our book club pick back in December, and its sequel, Crown of Midnight, out August 27, 2013!

And I know - December is kinda a long time ago, especially with school and homework and everything you've read since FIVE MONTHS AGO OKAY CHILL.

F'reals - your Throne of Glass review starts here!  I know you want to look cool and totally in-the-know when we talk to her - duh, me too - so get reviewing by way of one of the your fav ways to waste time (hey, not judging) on the interwebs - a QUIZ!!!  Check out any of these three quizzes, then post your score in the comments section:

(on one of our favorite sites, Goodreads)
Quiz 2!                               Quiz 3!

Need to review a bit before you take these schwaiz quizzes?  Here are some sites that'll have you up-to-speed in no time:
Easy-peesy lemon-squeezey-mac-'n-cheesy-don't-be-queasy!  See you at the meeting!  Have your questions ready - see the previous post for some suggestions on this - and don't forget to be at SPL tonight, Thursday, April 4th at 6pm!!!

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