Thursday, January 17, 2013

December After-Meeting Mint: Heads Will Roll! ... Maybe!

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Remember reading Throne of Glass?  Yeah, I know, that was a while ago (SO last month).  Sorry.  See the previous blog post for my reason for putting off this post (it's actually a pretty cool reason).  But if you still want to talk about Throne of Glass, here's a summary of December's meeting for Throne of Glass and your opportunity to sound off in the comments.

Apparently, like me, most of you liked Throne of Glass - yayforbooks. But a lot of you had trouble getting into the story because of the crazy, hard-to-read names (note to the publishers:  include a pronunciation guide with the book).  Also, this was the second book we've read that's an adaptation of the story of Cinderella, though most of the club didn't realize this about Throne of Glass; anybody spotted similarities between Cinderella and this book since the meeting? (Comments!)

Celeana, an assassin, was the heroine of Throne of Glass.  Most of us liked Celeana - she's fierce and independent like Katniss from The Hunger Games and isn't whiny and insecure like Bella from Twilight.  And despite being REALLY fat-headed, she's just so likable: she's fashionable, she's cool, she's super deadly - basically, she's a female Han Solo.

Speaking of Celeana being deadly: even though we're used to NOT rooting for assassins - they're usually villains - the club didn't have a problem with an assassin as a heroine, as long as she only killed the bad guys.  What we DID have a problem with was an assassin who didn't do any assassinating.  Seriously, I think Celeana's kill record for this book was something like "mythical creatures: 1, humans: 0".

The club didn't really mind that there was a love triangle, or how that story played out.  Celeana is in a relationship with another character for only a short time in the book before dumping the guy; most of us thought that this was a pretty accurate picture of real-life teen relationships.  Bigger question, though: Prince Dorian vs. Chaol, Captain of the Guard? Most of the club turned out to be Team Chaol: he's flawed, he's gruff-with-a-gooey-nice-guy-center, he's swoon-worthy - basically, he's totes dreamy. 

So what did YOU think?  Did you love or hate Throne of Glass, and will you be looking out for the sequel?  Are you Team Dorian or Team Chaol (quick, make your t-shirts NOW!)?  How to feel about the whole assassin-who-doesn't-assassinate thing?  Is Celeana your new literary BFF, or did she totally get on your nerves?  Sound off in the comments!

And keep watching this space - a summary of our January meeting for A.C. Gaughen's book Scarlet is coming soon!

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