Friday, February 8, 2013

Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder, in Irving TONIGHT!

Remember Cinder, the book club pick for November?  Seriously, I KNOW you remember - some of you were CRAZY about that book (but if you don't remember, click here).

If you fall into that category - or need something free (and awesome) to do with your Friday night - you are so in luck.  Straight from Cinder's author herself, Marissa Meyer:

Awesome, right?! Okay, so Irving isn't exactly close, but compared to... Austin, or... Tulsa or whatever, Irving is kinda close, so I thought I'd fill you in just in case somebody's a fan of Cinder (and has a car).  Here's the official word from Irving Public Library's website:
"Marissa Meyer... provides a look into the world of Cinder and a sneak peek at its sequel, Scarlet. Ms. Meyer will be available for questions and autographs. Refreshments will be served and both books available for purchase."
The event for adults and teens and is my favorite admission price - FREE. It'll be held at Valley Ranch Library in Irving, tonight at 7:00pm.  To learn more, visit Irving Public Library's webpage for the event.

Are you going and super excited?  Need a ride to Irving (or already have a ride and need a friend to come with you)?  Can't go but want to go and in need of a place to vent about it?  Sound of in the comments!

And don't forget about our own SUPER BIG DEAL AUTHOR EVENT in March - bestselling Delirium author Lauren Oliver is coming to Smith Public Library, March 11th at 3:30pm!

UPDATE: In case you couldn't go, looks like Marissa Meyer posted pics from the event on her Facebook page.

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