Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two More Chances to Win a Copy of REQUIEM!

Need one more chance to win one of our beautiful copies of Lauren Oliver's Requiem before it's released? Lucky you - we'll give you TWO*.

The trivia questions on this blog and on our facebook page have been answered - congrats to Mariah at Wylie East for answering the question here on the blog! If you didn't win, don't worry - we still have two more copies of Requiem to give away! Details:
  • Two websites, two more questions: Check out our tumblr* for the next question, then go to our figment page on Friday for the last question
  • Two ways to answer: come to the teen room at the library and answer in person OR leave a comment with your answer online on the site where the specific question you are answering is posted
  • The first person to answer one of the remaining questions correctly wins!  Pick up your book at SPL in the teen room.
I think the question on tumblr is going up SOON - and there is no shame is sitting at your computer, constantly hitting the "refresh" button until it's posted.  

Annnddd don't forget to come meet Lauren Oliver here at SPL on Monday, March 11th, 3:30pm, BAM.

The trivia question on our tumblr has already been answered and the book has been claimed (by someone in Canadawhat?! Wow!).  There just one chance to win a copy of Requiem left!  Check our figment page on Friday (tomorrow, March 1) for the last trivia question and your last chance to win!

... aaannnndd may the odds be ever in your favor(?).

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