Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meeting tomorrow + a PREVIEW OF AWESOME!

More Maximum Ride puns?! RUUUNNNNNNN!!!
Are you MAXXED OUT yet on this month's read (are you MAXXED OUT on cheesy Maximum Ride jokes?  Yeahwelltoobad.)?  Have you finished the book yet?  Read up, my pretties - our meeting for February is TOMORROW at 6pm; come to discuss Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment by James Patterson and get your free copy of next month's book, Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby.

Aside from the usual amount of incredible, this is a meeting you do NOT want to miss!  As I might have mentioned once... or twice... or twenty or so times, if you talk to me in person... our BIG DEAL AUTHOR EVENT with New York Times bestselling YA author, Lauren Oliver, is next month!  So, as a preview just you awesome book-clubbies, we have a few copies of Ms. Oliver's book Delirium, the first book in her Delirium trilogy, as well as a few advance copies of the unpublished final book in the trilogy, Requiem (yes, unpublished, as in the unavailable-in-stores-aren't-you-super-cool kind of unpublished).  We can't give them to y'all to keep - you'll have to read them, then pass them on to another person in the club - but you do have the chance to read Requiem before anyone else (before regular people, anyway).  Show up early to improve your chances of getting to read one of these copies first!

Maximum Ride!  Sneak peeks at Delirium and Requiem!  Aaaannnnnddd... maybe hot chocolate (?)! Tomorrow, February 7th, 6pm, library meeting room, BAM. Be there, be square, wear underwear.

But seriously though, wear underwear.

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